ETV Energy
Electric Technology For Vehicles

ETV Energy Ltd. was founded in 2008 under the name of ETV Motors to develop two novel technologies: (a) A next generation Lithium-Ion Battery and (b) an advanced Range Extender (RE) based on a micro-turbine engine.

In 2011, the company established a new corporate structure in order to give each technology the focus it requires.  ETV Energy Ltd. was formed to tackle the LIB development while a separate engineering group continued the task of developing the micro-turbine technology. 

The multifaceted issues that the energy storage community faces require novel and complex solutions. To reach these solutions, ETV Energy established academic and industrial collaborations. Leveraging cooperation across a wide range of disciplines, ETV embraces an outstanding scientific and industrial R&D platform. 

Combining ETV in-house experience and the infrastructure provided by strategic cooperation, ETV's R&D team is able to focus on the inherent challenges while avoiding costly and time consuming activities. 

The R&D team is a mix of industry and academy pioneers in the field of Lithium batteries, while the management team brings decades of global experience in introducing disruptive technologies into discerning markets.

ETV knowhow and extensive academic and industrial experience, combined with strategic partnerships, has earned the company a unique international position in the field of batteries and related materials.  ETV takes an active role in the Israeli National program for oil alternative technologies.